5 Reasons Why You Need A VA in Your Life

Do you find that you simply don’t have enough hours in the day? Are you working long hours with no time for yourself or for organising your diary? Or is your career so busy that your personal affairs are falling by the wayside?

If this is you, and your overflowing in-tray is making you wish for a magic wand to conjure up more hours in the day, then read on.

You don’t need a magic wand to conjure up more time – you need a Virtual Assistant!

We’ve shared the top 5 reasons why you need a VA in your life below.

Time – you need more of it

Time (and not having enough of it) usually plays a major part in someone needing a VA, regardless of the nature or size of your business, or whether you have a busy career and need help with your personal affairs.

Outsourcing tasks to a VA is the ultimate way to free up more time – because there will usually be some aspect of your business, or life, that you would love to pass on to someone else, and free the time up to spend on something else.

So, if life admin, accounts or emails are your bug bears, or you find that you’re losing hours to tasks that you can’t do or don’t enjoy, then a VA can literally take these tasks off your hands to free up more time in your day.

You need to get organised

​So how do VA’s help release more time back to you? Well, we help you to get organised.

If you don’t feel like you’re on top of your in-tray, your inbox, or your diary, it can end up being a huge source of stress. Organisation is key to optimising your time and this is one of the most important reasons behind hiring a Virtual Assistant.

As experts in time-management and streamlining processes, VA’s can take control of paperwork, accounts and administration to ensure everything is filed accurately and that any deadlines hit accordingly. We can also help you to manage your diary, taking control of booking in all your meetings and scheduling travel so that it’s one less thing you have to worry about. We can manage the dreaded inbox too, whether that’s monitoring it daily to filter out the important from the spam or manning your inbox whilst you are away or at meetings.

An experienced VA will take the time to get to know both you and your business and learn the areas in which you most need support, in order to kick start the organisation revolution!

You need flexible help

​The magic of taking on a VA is that it offers you far more flexibility than taking on a full-time employee.

You may have a number of areas that you need help with, for example, a few hours a week on your accounts, and some on your marketing and PR – but this isn’t enough to offer a full-time employee, and finding someone who can do everything is, well, often impossible!

With a Virtual Office, often the team behind it can provide you with all the services you need on a flexible basis.

VA’s usually have their own offices and can work remotely, so you don’t need to kit them out with any gear, they can just hit the ground running from their own office. At KM Virtual Office we work flexibly with clients, with hours to suit their businesses needs and with a variety of support services on offer.

You need another brain on board

Tapping into the knowledge brain of a VA is something that clients love. This is because an experienced VA will have spent a long time both learning and homing in methods of client support and training their team to do the same.

There may be a whole host of tasks that are necessary for your business but that you don’t have either the knowledge or the experience to do, which is something the multi-faceted VA can help you with. From training and skills in HR administration through to accounts, book-keeping and even marketing, a virtual office can often offer you bundles of knowledge in the areas you need extra support with.

In addition (as well as being highly organised) VA’s tend to love to learn more about the latest systems and apps to streamline organisation. At KM Virtual Office we are always keen to explore new processes to see if it’s something that could benefit our clients. VA’s are innovative by approach and will always endeavour to find the very best ways of ‘getting things done’.

You need a supporter

Everyone needs to feel supported and if you feel like you’re in need of a dose of unwavering support, then look in the direction of a VA.

A Virtual Assistant will be your biggest supporter, constantly looking out for the best interests of both yourself and your company. Whether that’s nudging you to get things done, reminding you about important events or tasks coming up, or simply chatting through an idea on the phone, a VA often turns into a hugely reliable source of support.

Finding the right VA for you is key and, once you’ve built a relationship, you can start to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you can share the load. For example, imagine being able to go away on holiday and know that everything is taken care of, or knowing that all your travel arrangements or invoices have been organised!

VA’s are particularly good at reminding, prioritising and being one step ahead which means that however difficult your business journey may get, you’ll know that you aren’t on your own.

These are the top 5 reasons, but there really are so many more (so watch this space!)

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