Your financial data organised

Receipts and expenses managed and kept upto date.

Your books will be complete and tidy ready for review. 

Accurate bookkeeping is
all in the details

Bookkeeping is the first step in the accounting process and will help you feel in control and up-to-date. A bookkeeper will collate all financial data so you can easily create reports. 

Stress free financials

Detailed recording means you can see up to date and organised financial records.  It will be easier to conduct audits, predict future tax bills and even have better relations with banks and investors should you require loans. 

Easy planning

Spend less time worrying and more time planning for future success. See where you are now, and where you could be in the near future with the help of accurate financial data. 

Bookkeeping for
small businesses & sole traders

Save time and money with a smart and efficient bookkeeping service.

Legally compliant

We’ll ensure you’ve got everything you need to submit your tax returns on time. 

Cashflow focused

Providing cash flow advice and keeping a beady eye on the balance of revenues to expenses. 

Digitally managed

Thanks to clever software and apps, all transactions are efficiently managed. 

We have been working with Katie for the last couple of years in our business H&B Accountancy Services – initially we contacted her to help us with our GDPR policies. But now have her supporting us in all admin aspects of the business that always end up at the bottom of the list – from regular client updates on email and Facebook to implementing new procedures for adding new clients. Cannot thank Katie enough for all her help and support and for always being available when we need to add an extra service.

Brian Sharman

HB Accountancy Services Ltd

Traditional & cloud-based bookkeeping


We want to help keep cash flowing. We’ll send invoices, chase payments and managing the accounts receivable ledger.


 You’ll have everything you need in order to submit on time to avoid late-filing penalties  

VAT returns

We pride ourselves on error free VAT returns. We’ll prepare your VAT return and help you claim as much back as possible. 


We can automate day to day bookkeeping tasks using accounting software XERO. You’ll never miss any important information. 


We guide you on what you can and can’t claim as a business expense whilst recording and managing expenses – no more pesky receipts for you! 

Purchase ledger

We will keep a track of  business outgoings by recording a company’s purchases of goods and services, showing the amounts that have and haven’t been paid. 

Frequently asked questions

Here’s our most common FAQS but if anything else comes to mind, be sure to reach out.

Bookkeepers focus on recording and organising things like expenses and receipts and are overseen by accountants. The objective of bookkeeping is to keep financials in order and systematic, and attention to detail is essential. Accountants deal with more complex accounting duties such as analysing and gauging financial situations, preparing financial statements and compiling reports.

By post or electronic transfer, whichever is easier for you. If we have access to emails, we can grab most of what we need from there.

Yes, via Making Tax Digital. If you are not yet signed up, we can support you in the processes and then manage your VAT returns for you.

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