Grow your business with a VA!

No one can dispute the rise of the Virtual Assistant these days, and we are well known for our organisational abilities and desire to make your life easier! But did you know that a VA is also one of the top ways to actually GROW your business?

We can do a lot more than help you sustain your business, we can help it evolve too – and even just (5 or 10) hours a week can help with this.

Maximise time with a VA in order to grow your business

​Without a doubt, your most valuable asset is time! You might simply be flat out throughout the workday getting client and business work done, but what about the time you need to spend on developing new ideas for your business? If you don’t allow yourself enough time to spend on generating these ideas, or building new relationships, then you might find that you hit a wall in terms of growth. Hiring a remote Virtual Assistant for only 5/10 hours a week reaps huge benefits in terms of releasing a bit of time back to you – this is because a VA is incredibly efficient and will only focus only on the tasks you give them, allowing you to focus on increasing revenue and brainstorming new ideas!

VA’s are one of the most cost-effective ways to grow a business

​We all know that businesses are driven by people and, if you want to grow and take on more work/clients, then you’re going to need more people on your team. However, taking on a VA instead of a full-time employee will save you a huge amount of money on employee benefits, HR expenditures and a long recruitment process. A VA can work flexibly, remotely and within the budget that you set – which means that you can allocate money to other areas of your business instead of pouring it all into one employee and can therefore grow in a more robust way!

VA’s can help with your customer service and relationships

Customer service is key in business, and enquiries from customers can increase rapidly as your business expands. This is actually something a VA can help with! Responding to customer enquiries is one of the most time-sensitive business areas, and we VA’s can help you respond to all your customer queries and communications quickly and efficiently, to save any time lag before you can get to them. We can also help you respond quickly to queries that come through on social media, which is increasingly being used for customer queries.

A VA can really act as the eyes and ears for your business, helping you to stay super responsive to customers and protect your brand’s reputation!

VA’s can support in times of rapid change!

​The nature of a VA is to work efficiently and flexibly, and we are also capable of handling large volumes of work, along with changing priorities. This means that if your business suddenly needs to shift priorities, or big changes come about, then a VA can be incredibly flexible with support during this time. It also makes it easier for you to adapt to changing business needs, without the worry that staff members in a set role may not be able to adapt.

A VA can help you increase productivity and progress

​Often, MD’s and entrepreneurs can get pulled down by admin tasks that take up too much time. A VA can in fact help to create a more streamlined operation, by putting new systems and processes into place, organising a comprehensive filing system and managing your diary/calendar to ensure you’re being as productive with your time as you can. Also, because VA’s often work remotely, it does force both sides to really focus on effective communication in order to get things done and get them done well. Ultimately, this paves the way for a much more productive business!

If you aren’t being bogged down by mundane tasks, you’ll be freed up to focus on driving your business forward.
A VA can add real, practical value that will help your business evolve!

​Finally, as VA’s, we are not just secretarial. A lot of us have a wide range of other business skills that may will be related to your business and prove to be incredibly useful! For example, we have experience with social media, blog writing, client relationship management, HR, marketing and creative skills – and all of these can be super useful if you’re in need of a second pair of eyes (or hands) and need someone to go the extra mile!

So, what are you waiting for… get in touch!

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