How a VA can help you in meetings?

Not sure on how you would use a VA to help with your business? You will be surprised to learn just how many ways a VA can prove to be a vital tool in the running of your business.

One way that a VA can help is when it comes to meetings. Meetings can sometimes be a bit of a headache. Particularly when you are working for yourself, but in the most part they are incredibly worthwhile and important.

So, how can you make meetings that little bit easier? With a little help from a VA of course! Not sure how they can help? Here are just some of the ways.

Arranging travel and accommodation

Surprisingly, one of the most time consuming parts of any meeting is the part before it. This is particularly true if the meeting is far away from you and will require travel and accommodation. Rather than spending all of your time trying to find the best hotel, or the best way to get there. Why not assign this task to a VA? They can arrange all of your travel and accommodation, and just let you know the details when organised. This takes one headache away from you?

Helping prepare any presentations

Are you making a presentation at the meeting? Perhaps you are a key speaker at an event? A VA is not only on hand to help with arrangements, but can also take on the admin that is needed for a meeting too. If you put together the details of your presentation then they can take this away and put it together for you to approve. They can also put together any notes or key documents that you may need, emailing them through for you to digitally read or print if needed.

Managing emails and calls whilst you are away

Do you work alone? Are you worried that your business will suffer whilst you are out at this meeting? If this is true for you, then this is another way that a VA can help. They will be on hand to answer any important emails that may come in during the meeting, or the travel, and can also field any phone calls (if they can be diverted) too. This gives you peace of mind that all is in hand whilst you are attending the meeting.

Getting in touch with new contacts after the meeting

Is there a good chance that you will be making some new business contacts at this meeting or event? If so, then why not ensure that your VA gets all the cards that you have collected and ask them to reach out to the people? It is always great to make new business contacts, and it is even better if you don’t have to spend time sending emails.

These are just some of the ways that a VA can help you and your business. Why not get in touch and find out the other ways that I can ensure that you can best use your valuable time?

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