How a Virtual Assistant can save you time!

I get a lot of questions from people, whether it be businesses or individuals that always say: ''Okay, but can you really save me that much time?'', well the answer is a big, fat, YES!

How many hours do you sit on your laptop in the evening, when you tell yourself you have finished work for the day?. In fact, you are still sorting through all those emails that you didn’t even get a chance to look at today because you had just been too busy.

Imagine, finishing work and knowing that when you open that laptop all of the junk would be gone, the emails organised into priority order and you would know instantly what you had to do tomorrow morning. That’s 1 hour saved at least!

Now for your diary, is it full of appointments with travel arrangements that need to be made? You need to work out train or flight times to ensure that you are leaving enough time to get somewhere, find the best deal (you want to ensure you save where possible on business expenses!), organise a car hire for the other side or a taxi to collect you. What if you need to organise for a client to come to you, accommodation will need to be booked if they need a stay over, restaurants and local amenities booked to ensure they feel looked after, do you have time to do all of that and still do your day job? Most people would say No! That’s where a VA managing your diary for you comes in. All you would need to do is give your VA the name and contact details of your client, with a preferred date and location (if you wish) and they would do the rest! I think that is at least another 2 hours saved when you have a few meetings booked in!

The list is endless, the phone ringing constantly when you are in the middle of trying to so something. The internal documents that you need for your business, but you just don’t have the time or maybe the creativity to do them. These are all things that a VA can handle for you, to ease the pressure.

My point to this is, when you think ”Do I need a VA?” don’t think about the fact that you would have to pay their hourly rate full time, that’s the joy and flexibility of having a VA! If you only need them for 3 hours a week, then you only hire and pay them for 3 hours a week.

Have a think about all those little things you do, then add up all the time it takes you to do them. I guarantee you will end up with lots of things that a VA could support you on, giving you time to get out there and do what you do best!

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