Mastering your morning routine!

Regardless of what you do for a living, developing a morning routine is really important in order to get the most out of your day!

There are certainly several things you can do to help transform your morning routine from a rushed affair into something calm and productive. Here are some of our top tips below to help improve your mood, mindset and wellbeing.

Wake Up a Bit Earlier

Yes, you might wonder why on earth we would suggest that. But in fact, waking up a bit earlier is hugely beneficial for getting your day off to a calm start. Do you ever set your alarm as late as possible? Or worse, snooze your alarm endlessly? Whilst it might be tempting to get as much sleep as possible, you’ll most likely end up tumbling out of bed in a stressful rush, with absolutely no time for yourself before you have to wash, dress and get on with your day. By waking up earlier, you allow yourself a bit of extra time to have some calm before the day ahead, perhaps make a drink and take it back to bed, or read, meditate and reflect. Starting your day calmly will make a world of difference.

Don’t immediately reach for your phone

​With so many of us now using our phones as alarms, it can be tempting to start scrolling as soon as we wake up. No sooner have our eyes opened, we’re checking our social media feeds and worse, our emails, and this means we almost instantly start stressing about the day ahead! This tip very much links to the one above – instead of reaching straight for your phone, use your extra wake up time to do something calming away from your screen. There will be plenty of time for screens and emails as the day unfolds!

Drink Lemon Water

​An interesting nutritional tip but drinking lemon water is in fact the best beverage to start your day with (before reaching for the coffee.) This is because lemon water spikes your energy both physically and mentally and gives you an energy that will last all day because it improves nutrient absorption in the stomach. Plus, it’s super refreshing after a nights’ sleep!

Eat Breakfast!

​This is probably one you’ve heard a million times but eating breakfast really will get your day off to the best possible start. It’s very easy to just grab a coffee and charge out of the house without eating, but this will only send your energy levels crashing later on in the morning. People who eat breakfast have more stable blood sugar levels – and eating a good breakfast will improve short-term memory, concentration and productivity in your day!

Ensure your workspace is clear

This is actually something you can do to help yourself the night before, but always make sure you have a clear workspace. Whether your work in an office, or you work from home, sitting down to start the day at a clear work station is so much better than sitting down to piles of papers, mess and rubbish from the day before. Polish or clean your desk regularly, get on top of your filing and make sure you keep on top of your station so that every morning you can sit down and get straight on, instead of having to spend time cleaning up!

Set goals for the day!

Research has proven that setting out goals – however small – for the day ahead can really increase feelings of confidence and control. Narrow down your goals into manageable outcomes so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Don’t just say ‘I want to finish my article’ but perhaps be more constructive, and say something like ‘I’m going to spend an hour writing up the ending of my article by completing the last three points and spending no more than twenty minutes on each section.’ That way you have something to achieve and way to achieve it.

Mastering your morning routine can really revolutionise the outcome of your day – so why not just start with one of the above ideas and see how you feel!!

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