Our Property Management Service

Did you know that at KM we offer a property management service? Life can be hectic and, when you have anything property-related to manage, well, we know how time consuming it can be!

Perhaps you have a portfolio of properties that you need some assistance with? Equally, you may have a holiday home that needs managing, and this can be tricky when you’re tight on time.

Or are you a landlord with rental homes that need looking after and tenants to manage? You may even have a home renovation project that you need a hand with. Luckily, we offer a full range of services to help you out, whatever your situation may be. From managing a booking system for holiday lets, to the day-to-day maintenance issues of long or short-term tenants – we can help!

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance – this is quite a wide area in which we can help you and, with any property, there are always going to be time consuming maintenance tasks to get done. Whether it’s for your own home, a rental property, or a rental portfolio, we can take charge of ensuring the maintenance work on your property gets done.

Liaising with contractors can be time consuming and we can take this on for you, if there’s an urgent repair that needs doing, we can quickly and efficiently source a contractor for you, and look after all the contact, briefing and payments on your behalf.

We can also take charge of ensuring regular maintenance work goes ahead, from fire safety inspections through to booking regular cleaning services, gardening services and checks.

Rentals & Tenancies

If you rent out one, or several, properties then you’ll know how time consuming this can become.

​At KM we have solid experience in dealing with tenants, right through from referencing, issuing contracts, ensuring rent payments get paid (we can keep a tight hold on this for you!) and being the first point of contact for tenants with their queries.

We can also handle requests from tenants to fix maintenance issues in their rental home, and quickly source contractors to carry out any necessary work or repairs.

Booking Systems

Do you have a holiday bookings system that you need creating? Or an existing one that you’d like someone else to manage? It can certainly be time consuming to keep track of guests coming in and out, but luckily, systems and process is something we love to get involved with.

We’re also adept with property management systems where we can clearly log all the tenants, their records and contracts, and all maintenance queries that come through so that you have a clear record of everything that’s going on.

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