Efficient Social media management

Managing & representing your brand digitally

Never have to worry about social media channels falling silent. 

Researched, designed and scheduled social media posts based on your target audience to increase brand awareness and followers. 

Reliable social media

Social media is unavoidable and it’s changed the way we live, work and purchase. An average of 3 hours per day is spent on social media networking and messaging. It’s a time-sucker for most businesses, but 71% of customers who’ve had positive experiences with brands on social media would recommend that brand to their network.

We want less screen time for you whilst helping you to increase your customer base.

Monthly social media packages

Our affordable social media management service can be used as and when needed. However, we advise a monthly service to ensure a consistent flow of interaction and engagement. 

Structured & planned digital marketing

We will research, write, and schedule content to ensure your brand is in front of the right target audience consistently.

Social media tools to assist with
managing & organising

As technology and automation advocates, we think social media management is a perfect opportunity to implement both. They’re an integral part of your businesses social strategy. 


Nothing stays the same in the digital sphere and we’re always learning how to create content that keeps followers happy and engaged. 


Scheduling tools allows you to see content overviews so you can ensure it matches your sales and marketing objectives. 


Analytical and reporting tools provides snapshots of performance metrics.  We’re able to collate this data into spreadsheets for easy viewing.

I had the privilege of Katie’s VA services for 6 months and during that time I found her incredibly professional, bright, full of initiative and generally a pleasure to work with. Katie’s responsibilities included helping me map out the social media strategy for my art gallery, keeping two other VAs on track, and more than anything else, keeping me on track. I can’t recommend Katie enough.

Karen Thurman

Thurmanovich Galleries

A smart decision for your social media

Facebook management

There are over 2.32 billion active users. Creating, designing and managing content and strategy is time consuming but it doesn’t have to be with our help. 

Linkedin management

We assist busy business owners in connecting with other professionals . It’s a ready-made solution that requires hardly any of your time

Instagram management

1 billion+ active users are on Instagram, with an audience under the age of 34. From scheduling stories, creating posts and keeping your brand on-trend, we’re here to assist. 

Analytics reporting

With scheduled reminders, we can encourage you to carve out time away to check reports. We can even present analytics in an easy to understand way.

Twitter management

Twitter has an audience of 353 million  users and is the place to be for thought-provoking  conversation. We can list build,  manage ads, host chats and more. 

Newsletters & Blogs

Drive traffic, build a core community and encourage loyalty with professionally written content which is  scheduled and sent out regularly.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s our most common FAQS but if anything else comes to mind, be sure to reach out.

We are responsible for planning, designing, creating, monitoring content, and replying to comments and messages, so customers feel heard and valued. It’s a social media manager’s role to keep your company relevant and communicative online so you can be seen by existing and potential customers.

We are detailed orientated, strategic and creative, so we know how to support your marketing goals and create content people want to see.

  • Save time and resources
  • Access our social media expertise
  • The best technology and social media platform recommendations
  • Exposed to new perspectives on your content and social media channels

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