Stress Management For Virtual Assistants

Being a Virtual Assistant definitely comes with its share of stress. Even though this specific career choice is aimed at reducing pressure for the clients, the stress still has to go somewhere

Now the question becomes – how to manage stress as a virtual assistant? It’s where the line ends in terms of shifting the pressure, which means virtual assistants need a good structure for coping.

Tend To Personal Needs

The first step to managing stress involves tending to personal needs. An Olympic athlete can’t run if they don’t have the necessary energy, nutrition and health. The same principle applies for virtual assistants.
When a person feels healthy, well-rested and confident there’s no real room for stress to interfere. In other words, follow a diet that helps to stay energized and make sure to get enough sleep.

Find The Source Of The Problem

Stress is never one-dimensional. It comes in small amounts and gradually tears down the body and mind. In order to prevent this vicious cycle from repeating itself, it’s crucial to find the sources. Yes, it could be one or two specific clients who have high demands, but personal stress shouldn’t be left out of the equation.

After finding the main sources it’s time to make some changes. If it is a specific client, then consider adapting a different frame of mind in terms of being a perfectionist. In many cases virtual assistants place unnecessary pressure on themselves, even if the client is easy-going. Nobody is perfect and sometimes a person just has to accept what they cannot control.

Get More Organised

Conditions associated with too much stress include strokes, heart attacks and even a weakened immune system. For many virtual assistants the centre of their stress resides in too little time. Not having enough hours during the day can amount to severe pressure.
One of the most effective approaches to managing stress is to get more organised. When there is a set schedule to work from and the working space is arranged in way that things can get done quickly, it will automatically bring stress levels down.

Start Exercising

For virtual assistants the job doesn’t require too much physical activity. Instead, it’s all about brain power and making the life of the client easier. This type of job also causes a serious imbalance.
Nothing beats stress quite like a good 30 minute workout. It has been proven time and time again that exercising two or three times a week dramatically influences the way a person perceives stress. Apart from restoring the balance, it acts as a critical relieve valve.

Laugh More

Regardless of how stupid it might sound, research shows that laughing is a “natural medicine”. It literally releases hormones that soothe the body and mind. Whether it’s done with a funny movie, friends or family, always make time to just have fun and laugh as much as you can.

Virtual assistants are people who don’t shy away from the challenge of stress. It’s part of the job and it’s not suitable for everyone. But sometimes a little help is needed to cope with it all, and the above mentioned tips should help in steering the course.

Remember, nothing is worth stressing too much about! Especially the elements you can’t control!

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