Toggl – My time tracking miracle!

This is my little miracle app! I use it to track the time I spend on a project at any one time for my clients. I know there are a lot of applications that do a similar thing out there, I have tried my fair share (I won’t go into names!), but for me this is by far the best and…’s FREE!!

Yes, like most other applications out there you can pay to upgrade to the super all singing, all dancing version of the application, but do you really need to? The answer to that is ‘NO!’(Now, when I say NO I am talking as an individual business user, if you have multiple associates working for you, then I’m afraid its bye bye free version! Saying that though, the full version is so reasonably priced it wouldn’t pain you too much).

This little beauty…aka my miracle app, let’s you add unlimited clients, with unlimited projects and if you love your colour co-ordination it has that too! It allows you to drill down and pull off lots of really useful reports; which you can then submit with your invoice or use the data for your invoice, totally your business, not mine…

There is one little niggle I found with the app though (come on, there has to be something!) it creates a Toggl logo and footer on your shiny report…cheeky little thing!

Have no fear, there is a way around this with another brilliant application called ‘tiny pdf editor’ and it does exactly what it say’s on the tin. It allows you to place your logo over the top of Toggl’s, re save as a pdf and there you go, a shiny report branded up as you!

So, if you haven’t already checked in out, go to the website and see what it is all about:

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