Trading in my paper ‘TO DO’ list for….Things!

So, every VA has a notebook whether it is electronic or paper (I happen to have both, but I won’t go into that now!) this isn’t about replacing that notebook, but the ‘TO DO’ list that may sit within it.

I have spent year’s writing to do lists in my daybook, making sure things are actioned and ticked off when completed. I found though, that if a task didn’t get completed that day I wanted to be able to move it to the next date, re organise it and add comments but this wasn’t very easy without making a mess of my page! (Yes, I am a neat freak) This all changed when a good friend introduced me to an application called ‘Things’ and I haven’t used a written ‘TO DO’ list since!

Currently it is only available for Apple (sorry all you PC VA’s out there!) which suits me fine as I am Apple all the way! It is a cross platform application, which basically means you add a task on your phone/iPad/laptop it will sync that task to every other device that the application is installed on! So, wherever I am I can add to my list.

A really great function that the application has is that it allows you to create Projects and then set tasks associated with that project underneath it to be actioned. Each task can then have a due date set, tags allocated and notes added to it for more information when needed. It’s very user friendly and really simple to use, honestly!

If you haven’t already made the leap into the 21st Century with an electronic ‘TO DO; list, then I highly recommend it! I use it not only for business, but for all my personal actions too!

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