Savvy Customer support

You're in capable hands

We’re here to help you with tedious and frustrating tasks so you can concentrate on core business processes. 

Your experience is essential to us, and we care about getting it right – look at our five* reviews.

Solving problems &
finding solutions

Combining our knowledge base about tech, technical support and customer care, we help small businesses make time and cost-effective decisions.

Putting people first

We value and care for our clients and appreciate some issues can cause stress and uncertainty.  Our team want to help make the process a smooth one. 

Always patient

Whilst some issues are quick and easy to solve, others require time, patience and persistence – which we have plenty of.

Identifying the
right tools

With a whole host of technology on the market, it’s a challenge to figure out which one is right for your small business. We help you implement innovative tools, websites, programs, and apps that fit your operational requirements.


We have multiple ways of answering and solving your problems – from phone,  email and Zoom. During our onboarding process, we’ll talk more about what suits you. 


Automation equals less intervention – it’s a proactive approach we take. Nearly everything can be automated but we’re here if anything should go wrong. 


Since 2014, we’ve been supporting businesses! We  offer support on content management, logistics and marketing automation, analytics, and more.

Katie impressed me straightaway with her ability to understand the nature of our industry and service we provide. In presenting her with problems to be solved she either had the answers straightaway or if she didn’t she was able to think quickly around the problem to come up with a solution. Clear thinking, efficient and highly organised would summarise my impression of working with Katie.

Charles Walker

London Plant Company

A better experience for team & business support

Logging support tickets

Websites, software, products and services are all troublesome at some point. To help fix these issues, we can submit and answer customer support tickets and engage via live chats and phone support.

Raising invoices

Sending and following up invoices can be forgotten when you have a million other things to do in your business. We help to keep your cash flow healthy by raising and requesting payments due. 

Chasing service quotes

If you require a price, service or sales quote, we can support you by making inquiries and following up to find you the most suitable solution and competitive price. 

Frequently asked questions

Here’s our most common FAQS but if anything else comes to mind, be sure to reach out.

Customer support provides technical assistance to businesses and their customers and helps them solve any issues they have with products and services. Customer service offers added value by assisting customers in getting the most out of the product or service. However, both have one thing in common: customer care, and that’s extremely important to us!

Customer support is essential for two main reasons a) it stops you from feeling frustrated by the things you’re unable to do due to lack of time or knowledge, and b) it frees up your time and resources so you can concentrate on the aspects you’re good at and like.

We can:

  • Provide troubleshooting
  • Log support tickers
  • Reply to complaints and queries
  • Raise invoices and chasing quotes
  • and more – just ask!

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