PA / lifestyle management

Getting more done & giving you less to do

Access a virtual personal assistant as and when needed – for when life gets too busy to cope. 

Never forget an anniversary dinner, birthday party or any other special occasion with our lifestyle management services.

A much needed
lifestyle change!

Do you find you’re feeling burned out from trying to strike a balance between your professional and personal life? Our patient team of PA’s are here to help you manage the ebb and flow of life.


Our virtual PA team have worked with all different types of people and understand what works for one may not for another.


We’re people’s people and care about helping others. We want to take some of your life stresses away.

Stress less & live a
healthier lifestyle

Our virtual personal assistant duties involve everyday tasks such as:

Excellent communication skills

We want you to have a great experience with your PA.  We’ll establish how best you communicate and put systems & technologies in places to aid that.  

Making everyday changes

The changes we help you to make will contribute to improving your mental and physical health as your business grows and changes over time. 

Results-driven approach

Our personal assistants have creative processes to ensure everything you need doing is completed on time.

Being a wedding planner and entrepreneur, with two children, a husband and busy lifestyle – it was becoming a struggle to keep on top of everything. Work wise was fine, but in my personal life I needed some support to help get on top of personal and household finances. Katie has been brilliant at creating a system for me that just works. I feel more confident about everything and have more control. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie and her team. I have no doubt that I will be using her team again in the future.

Caroline Gould

The Wedding Planners

Let a virtual personal assistant help you to feel in control


Simple tasks such as stocking up the fridge, can take a  seat when there are more pressing issues!  Our PA’s will online shop for and book a delivery.

Travel arrangements

Everyone needs a holiday, but sorting out the finer details can overwhelming. Our team of PA’s will take care of every little detail so you can enjoy your holidays without any hassle.

Special occasions

We take care of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings and more. You’ll never miss an important date again. We’ll even source unique gifts needed to make someone’s day.


We can schedule, book, rearrange and remind you of Dr appointments, meetings with friends and colleague, domestic arrangements and so on. You’ll always know where you are and where you need to be.

Goal setting

Think of our PA’s as accountability partners.  Do you have something you’d like to achieve but don’t know how or where to get started? We will assist you with goal setting and even celebrate your successes!

Managing budgets & spending

We are spreadsheet experts and we will help you keep track of your personal spending budgets, so you won’t go in the red again. 


Frequently asked questions

Here’s our most common FAQS but if anything else comes to mind, be sure to reach out.

A virtual personal assistant works with an individual to support them in a personal capacity to simply their day-today routine and overall lifestyle.

A personal assistant is usually the first point of contact on behalf of the person or company they are assisting. They will take phone calls, answer emails, arrange travel arrangements, organise special occasions, shop for gifts and more. Essentially, a PA will support, organise and manage any element which is taking away your precious time.

A PA’s key skills include:

  • Privacy and discretion
  • Tact 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Great organisational and time management 
  • Flexibility 
  • Proactive and works on their own initiative 

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